Haier 2HUM18HC03/R2(DB) HSM07HEKC03/R2(DB) HSM12HEKC03/R2(DB) HSM09HEKC03/R2(DB) DC Inverter EK-Series Service Manual

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1. Introduction
2. List of functions
3. Specifications
4. Printed Circuit Board Connector Wiring Diagram
5. Functions and Control
5.1. Main functions and control specifications of indoor unit
5.2. Main functions and control specification of outdoor unit
5.3. Value of Thermistor

6. System Configuration
6.1. System Configuration
6.2. Instruction

7. Error Codes and Description

8. Installations

9. Removal Procedure
9.1 Removal of Air Filter
9.2. Removal of Front panel
9.2. Removal of Horizontal Flap
9.4 Removal of Drain pan
9.5 Removal of Vetical Blades and Swing Motor
9.6. Removal of Electrical Box
9.7. Removal of Heat Exchanger
9.8. Removal of Fan Rotor and Fan Motor
9.9 Removal of Outdoor panel
9.10 Removal of Fan and Fan motor
9.11 Removal of Electrical Box
9.12 Removal of Left Side Plate
9.13 Removal of Fan motor and Bracket
9.14 Removal of Right Side Plate
9.15 Removal of Compressor and Heat Exhanger

10. Appendix
10.1 Piping Diagrams
10.2 Wiring Diagrams
10.3 Circuit Diagrams

11. Description of Coding rules of Unit Model

Number of pages: 106.