HP SCITEX FB500 FB700 Service Manual and Parts List Manual

Accurate, clear and concise text, combined with detailed illustrations, lists of error code, instruction and diagrams, guide you through procedure of repair, remediate, maintenance and adjustments your copier, printer or scanner.
Present service manual and parts list manual HP SCITEX FB500 FB700 contain clear instructions and procedures on how to fix the problems occurring in your equipment.
The information contained in this repair manual is necessary for the repair, but also prevention, resulting in a longer life of your equipment.
Format of the manual: PDF, makes it easy to navigate, instant download and print. English language.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

Printer orientation
Required tools

Exploded views: Off-head supply assemblies
OHS part numbers
Ink pumps, Exploded view
Vacuum pump assembly exploded view
Vacuum reservoir, Exploded view
Ink homogenizer, Exploded view
Exploded views: Carriage assemblies
Trolley assembly (upper and lower) exploded view
Carriage assembly, exploded views
Carriage assembly brackets, exploded view
Carriage pen plate, exploded view
Carriage reservoirs, exploded views
Printhead interface plate’s alignment pin, exploded view
Carriage back plate, exploded view
Carriage side attachments, exploded views
Exploded views: Carriage-drive assemblies
Exploded views: Service station assemblies
Exploded views: Track assemblies
Track attachment at carriage
Exploded views: Media-drive assemblies
Media-drive assemblies exploded views
Media-drive assemblies part numbers
Exploded views: Media-drive actuator assemblies
Media-drive actuator assemblies exploded views

Off-Head Supply Assemblies
About the OHS (off-head supply)
About the vacuum assembly
Vacuum assembly diagram
Vacuum assembly air flow diagram
About the vacuum pump
About the vacuum regulator
About the vacuum air-inlet filter
About the vacuum accumulator
About the vacuum restrictor
About the vacuum sensor
About the vacuum assembly power supply
About the pressure pump
About the pressure sensor
About the ink pumps
About the ink-pump check valve
About the permanent ink filters
About the ink
About the tubes
About the ink boxes
About the profilers
About the white ink option
About the ink homogenizer (shaker)
About the ink-box filters
About the OHS controller
Wiring diagram for FB500 Carriage Assembly
Wiring diagram for FB700 Carriage Assembly
About the carriage head height
About the lamps
About the lamp bulbs
About the camera
About the air manifold
About the carriage ink filters
About the printhead reservoirs
About the thermistors
About the vacuum tubes
About the vacuum tubes, split
About the printheads
About the printhead interface plate
About printhead serial numbers
About printhead y-axis and x-axis positioning
About printhead saber angle
About carriage (gross) saber angle
About the carriage headboard
About the carriage headboard lights
About the encoder reader
About the carriage home sensor
About the carriage trolley assembly
About the upper carriage trolley assembly
About the lower carriage trolley assembly
Service station
About the service station
About ink purges
About the Shop-Vac
About the float Sensor
About the service station wipers
About the wiper-carriage home sensor
About the gap sensor
About the service station access sensor
About the service station actuator (up-down motor)
About the service station encoder
About the service station encoder reader
About the waste-ink jug
About the carriage-drive assembly
About the carriage-drive smooth pulley
About the carriage-drive shaft
About the carriage-drive timing belt
About the carriage-drive motor
About the Carriage Idler
About the carriage-drive belt
About the carriage-drive belt length and tension
About the rail strips
About the carriage encoder strip
Track assemblies
About the track assembly
About the ink tubes
About the LVDS cable
About the headboard power cables
About the H-block clamp
Media drive
About the media-drive motor
About the media-drive motor coupling
About the media-drive motor encoder
About the high-resolution encoder ring
About the high-resolution belt encoder reader
About the media-drive belt
About the media-drive roller
About the idler roller
About the adjustment bearing block assembly
About the vacuum trays
About the airflow plate
About the ionizer
About the N-up pins
About the actuator motors
About the media alignment bar
About the input roller
About the output roller
About the media thickness sensor
About the media detection sensor
About the roll-to-roll assembly
Lift and press foam rollers
About the supply assemblies
Mid-spool support for heavy media rolls
About the takeup assemblies
About the limit switches
Wiring diagram for the FB500 printer
Wiring diagram for FB500 main electronics
Wiring diagram for the FB700 printer
Wiring diagram for FB700 main electronics
About the main electronics box
Electronics box components identified
About the motor control board
About the 38v/24v power supply
About the AC power distribution board
About the AC filter
About the AC relay
About the ATX power supply
About the hard disk
About the motherboard
About the UV power supply
About the I/O board
About the main power cable
Uninterrupted power supply
Cable Pinouts

Troubleshooting carriage-drive assemblies
Carriage motion failures
Troubleshooting carriage motion failures
Troubleshooting the carriage-drive smooth pulley
Troubleshooting the carriage-drive shaft
Troubleshooting the carriage-drive timing belt
Troubleshooting the carriage-drive motor
Troubleshooting the carriage-drive belt
Troubleshooting the rail strips
Troubleshooting the carriage encoder strip
Troubleshooting Carriage Assemblies
Troubleshooting carriage head height
Troubleshooting the lamps
Troubleshooting the camera
Troubleshooting the air manifold
Troubleshooting the carriage ink filters
Troubleshooting printhead reservoirs
Troubleshooting thermistors
Troubleshooting the vacuum tube
Troubleshooting split vacuum tubes
Troubleshooting printheads
Troubleshooting the printhead interface plate
Troubleshooting the carriage headboard
Troubleshooting the carriage encoder reader
Troubleshooting the home sensor
Troubleshooting the upper trolley
Troubleshooting the lower trolley
Troubleshooting the OHS assemblies
Troubleshooting the vacuum assembly
Troubleshooting the vacuum pump
Troubleshooting the vacuum regulator
Troubleshooting the vacuum accumulator
Troubleshooting the vacuum restrictor
Troubleshooting the vacuum sensor
Troubleshooting vacuum power supply
Troubleshooting the pressure pump
Troubleshooting the ink pumps
Troubleshooting the ink-line check valve
Troubleshooting profilers
Troubleshooting the ink shaker
Troubleshooting ink-box filters
Troubleshooting the OHS controller
Troubleshooting maintenance system
Troubleshooting the service station
Troubleshooting the printhead wipers
Troubleshooting the service station encoder and encoder reader
Troubleshooting the waste ink jug
Troubleshooting the track assemblies
Troubleshooting the track assembly
Troubleshooting the LVDS cable and LVDS error
Detecting a damaged LVDS chip
Troubleshooting error: Failed to Program FPGA
Troubleshooting the media-drive assemblies
Troubleshooting the media-drive motor coupling
Troubleshooting the media-drive motor encoder
Troubleshooting the high-resolution media-drive encoder
Troubleshooting the media-drive belt
Troubleshooting the ionizer
Troubleshooting the media alignment bar
Troubleshooting the rail actuator motor
Troubleshooting the media thickness sensor
Troubleshooting the media detection sensor
Troubleshooting the supply spool
Troubleshooting the electronic assemblies
Troubleshooting the motor control board
Troubleshooting the I/O board
Troubleshooting the 38/24v power supply

Menu: Maintenance reminders
Menu: Replace UV lamp bulb or bulbs
Menu: Clean rail encoder strip
Menu: Clean ionizer needles
Menu: Clean and lube rail strips
Menu: Clean print head orifice plates
Menu: Clean/lube service station rails
Menu: Clean service station wiper
Menu: Clean carriage wheels
Menu: Vacuum bottom of carriage
Menu: Clean carriage home sensor
Menu: Replace UV lamp filters
Menu: Clean electronics box filters
Menu: Replace service station wiper
Menu: Drain waste from service station
Menu: Clean media thickness sensor roller
Menu: Carriage motion
Menu: Rail motion
Menu: Calibration
Menu: Verify H2H Y Alignment
Menu: Print quality
Menu: Service station
Vacuum pressure
Menu: Hard drive
Menu: LVDS
Menu: Print diagnostic plot
Menu: Print jet statistics
Menu: Warnings and actions list
Menu: Error history
Menu: Log error history
Menu: Log system info
Menu: Device test wizard
Menu: Vacuum fan test
Menu: Media thickness sensor test
Menu: Rail-height motor test
Menu: Roller, alignment bar, sensor and switch test
Menu: Carriage home sensor test
Menu: Profiler test
Menu: Service station tests
Menu: Cabinet fans test
Menu: Carriage cooling fan test
Menu: Ionizer relay test
Menu: UV lamp test
Menu: Media motion velocity test
Menu: Test media drive control system
Menu: Visually examine LEDs
Menu: Whitepoint
Menu: Take picture of white paper
Menu: Take raw picture of dots
Menu: Take enhanced picture of dots
Menu: Open loop actuator test
Menu: Open loop service station test
Menu: Pod test
Menu: Hard drive file system check
Menu: Print prime bars
Menu: Print test
Menu: Belt & rail parallel test
Menu: Media feed accuracy test, one
Menu: Media feed accuracy test, all
Menu: Horizontal dot accuracy
Menu: Vertical dot accuracy
Menu: Print test page
Menu: Print faux 662
Menu: Comb banding ramps
Menu: Air valves
Menu: Prime ink pumps
Menu: Ink pumps
Menu: Ink / air thermistors
Menu: Pressure pump
Menu: Vacuum pump
Menu: Turn ON / OFF white ink shaker
Menu: Initial ink fill
Menu: Prep for shipping
Menu: Disable on-head system
Menu: Calibration wizard
Menu: LCD touchscreen calibration
Menu: Head height calibration
Menu: Media thickness sensor calibration
Menu: Service station calibration
Menu: Input roller home calibration
Menu: Output roller home calibration
Menu: Alignment bar home calibration
Menu: UV lamps shutter calibration
Menu: Image sensor height & position
Menu: Printhead Y calibration
Menu: Media feed calibration