Xerox Phaser 6020 Phaser 6022 WorkCentre 6025 WorkCentre 6027 Service Manual and Parts Catalog

Accurate, clear and concise text, combined with detailed illustrations, lists of error code, instruction and diagrams, guide you through procedure of repair, remediate, maintenance and adjustments your copier, printer or scanner.
Present service manual and parts catalog contain clear instructions and procedures on how to fix the problems occurring in your equipment.
The information contained in this repair manual is necessary for the repair, but also prevention, resulting in a longer life of your equipment.
Format of the manual: PDF, makes it easy to navigate, instant download and print. English language.
To see what contain, please read table of contents:

About this Service Manual
Manual Terms
Manual Organization
Symbols Marked on the Product
Product Terms
Power Safety Precautions
Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Precautions
Service Safety Summary
Servicing Mechanical Components
Warning/Caution Labels
Environmental Health and Safety Incident Reporting
European Union
Technical Support Information
Printer Configurations
Parts of the Printer
Front and Side View
Rear and Side View
Control Panel
Phaser 6020 Control Panel
Phaser 6022 Control Panel
WorkCentre 6025 Color MFP Control Panel
WorkCentre 6027 Color MFP Control Panel
Operations Modes
Replacement Timing of Consumable Parts
Media Handling
Media Path
Paper Path Layout
Paper Path of the ADF (WorkCentre 6027 MFP only)
Feeding from the Paper Cassette (Phaser 6022 and WorkCentre 6027 MFP)
Feeding from the Paper Tray (Phaser 6020 and WorkCentre 6025 MFP)
Multiple Sheet Feed Prevention
Feeding from the Bypass Tray (Phaser 6020 and WorkCentre 6025 MFP)
Feeding in Registration Section
Leading-edge Registration
Major Printer Components
Paper Tray
Paper Cassette
Paper Feeder
Registration Assembly
Process Control Sensors
LED Print Head
Toner Cartridge
Xerographic Assembly
Drive Assemblies
Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) (WorkCentre 6027 MFP only)
ADF Components
Fax (WorkCentre 6027 MFP only)
Process Control
Color Registration Control
Fuser Control
Paper Feed Drive Flow
Toner Dispenser
Printer Specifications
Copy Specifications
Scanning Specifications
Fax Specifications (WorkCentre 6027 Color MFP)
Environmental Specifications
Electrical Specifications
Image Specifications
Media and Tray Specifications
Physical Dimensions and Clearances
Mounting Surface Specifications
Translated Warnings

Troubleshooting Overview
Servicing Instructions
Error Messages and Troubleshooting Procedures
Initial Actions
Display Problems
Printing Problems
Print Media Guidelines
Copy Problems
Scanning Problems
Fax Problems
Media-Based Problems
Printing the Error History Report
Error Messages Abbreviations
Phaser 6020 Status Codes
Status Code Troubleshooting
005-121 ADF Jam
005-301 ADF Cover Open
009-95x CRUM Error
010-397 Fuser Failure
016-315 IP Board to IIT Communication Error
016-317 ESS ROM Main Check Fail
016-372 DRAM Memory Allocation Fail
016-50x Firmware Errors
016-503 E-mail Error
016-718 Memory Overflow
016-719 Decode Error
016-720 PDL Error
016-737, -74x Download Errors
016-749 PJL Request Error
016-753 PDL Emulation Error
016-755 PDF Print Prohibited
016-76x E-mail Error
016-79x USB Memory Removal Error
016-799 Invalid Job
016-920, -921 Wireless Error
016-930, -931 USB Host Error
016-981 Collate Full
016-982 Memory Overflow
016-985 Scan Mail Size Limit
017-970 Memory Full
017-980, -981 Report File Error
017-988 PC Scan Time Out
018-338 Wireless Error
024-340 CPU Detect Internal Error
024-360 Download Error
024-371 MCU – Image Processor Board Communication Error
024-946 Cassette Detached
024-958 Paper Size Mismatch
024-963 No Suitable Paper
026-722, -723 USB Memory Write Protect Error / File Path Limit Error
026-750, -751, -752 Scan Communication Fail
027-446 IPv6 Duplicate
027-452 IPv4 Duplicate
031-52x, -53x, 55x SMB Error
031-57x, -58x, -59x FTP Errors
033-503, -513 FAX Memory Error
033-517, -518, -519 Fax Administration Errors
033-787, -788 Memory Full Fax Job Failure
034-7xx FAX Communication Errors
041-340 NVRAM Error
042-325 Motor Error
042-358 Fan Motor Failure
042-372 DEVE Mode Change Failure
061-370 LPH Failure
062-321 Carriage Motor Error
062-322 Scanner Drive Calibration Failure
062-790 Copy Limit
075-100 Jam Errors
075-921 Insert Output To Tray
077-100 Paper Remain at Regi
077-104 Regi Jam
077-106 Jam at Exit
077-108, -109 Exit Jams
077-304 Rear Cover Open
077-900 Exit Jam
077-901 Registration Jam
091-402 XERO Near Life
091-441 XERO Life Warning
092-310, -910 Check Unit (ADC) Sensor
092-651 CDT (ADC) Sensor Error
092-661 ENV Sensor Error
093-42x Toner Cartridge (X) Near Life
093-919. -920, -921, -922 (X) Toner Low Density
093-930, -931, -932, -933 Replace Toner Cartridge
093-95x Toner Comm Fail
093-926, -96x, -97x CRUM ID Error, Toner Cartridge (X) Detached
116-210, -395 System USB Port Error
116-323 Checksum Error (Fax)
116-324, -326, -343 Firmware Errors
116-325 Checksum Error (Other)
116-314, -355 ESS Network Errors
116-703 PostScript LANG Interpretation Error (PS/PDF)
116-720 PCL Memory Low, Page Simplified
062-360, 117-3xx System Restart
124-333 ASIC Failure
134-211 Fax Card Modem Error
191-310 XERO Life Over, 191-311 XERO Life Over (Counter)
193-700 Custom Toner Mode
Service Diagnostics (CE Diags)
Using CE Diags with the Phaser 6020
Phaser 6022 and WorkCentre 6025/6027 MFP CE Diag Testing
Digital Input Test Procedures
CE Diag “Printer” Sensor Tests
CE Diag “Printer” Motor Test Procedures
WorkCentre 6025 MFP Specific CE Diags
WorkCentre 6025 MFP Scanner Diagnostic Test Procedures
Extended ESS Diags for the WorkCentre 6027 MFP
WorkCentre 6027 MFP Specific CE Diags
WorkCentre 6027 MFP FAX/Scanner Diagnostic Test Procedures
Extended ESS Diags for the WorkCentre 6027 MFP
Control Panel Troubleshooting
Printer Does not Come to a “Ready” State
Ready LED is On, Display is Blank
Control Panel has Failed
Abnormal Noises
Electrical Noise
Power Supply Troubleshooting
AC Power Troubleshooting
DC Power Troubleshooting

Image Quality Overview
Defects Associated with Specific Printer Components
Repeating Defects
Checklist Before Troubleshooting Print-Quality
Check Printer Condition
Symptom Checklist
Print-Quality Troubleshooting
Print-Quality Defect Troubleshooting Procedures
Light or Undertone Print
Blank Print
Toner Smears
Random Spots
Pitched Color Dots
Vertical Blank Lines
Residual Image or Ghosting
Background Contamination
Jagged Characters
Auger Mark
Damaged Media
Image Not Centered
Color Registration
Unfused Image
Incorrect Magnification
Test Prints
Printing Test Prints From CE Diagnostics
Printing Test Prints From Service Diagnostics
Paper Size
WorkCentre 6025 MFP Test Prints
Pitch Configuration Chart
MQ Chart Test Print
TestPatASIC[IOT] Test Print
TestPatLPHY[IOT] Test Print
TestPatLPHM[IOT] Test Print
TestPatLPHC[IOT] Test Print
TestPatLPHK[IOT] Test Print
Grid 2 Test Print
Toner Pallet Check Test Print
Additional Test Charts
Image Specifications
Specification Chart
Magnification Error
Print Area

Standard Orientation of the Printer
Notations in the Disassembly Text
Toner Cartridges
Phaser 6020 Cover Removal
Phaser 6020 Top Cover Assembly
Phaser 6020 Rear Door Assembly
Phaser 6020 Bias Transfer Roller (BTR) Assembly
Phaser 6020 Rear Cover
Phaser 6020 Rear I/L Switch Assembly
Phaser 6020 Toner Door
Phaser 6020 Toner Door Cover Hinge
Phaser 6020 Paper Tray Cover
Phaser 6020 Front Cover
Phaser 6020 Left Side Cover
Phaser 6020 Rear Top Cover
Phaser 6020 Inner Top Cover
Phaser 6022 Cover Removal
Phaser 6022 Top Cover Assembly
Phaser 6022 Rear Door
Phaser 6022 Rear Cover
Phaser 6022 Rear I/L Switch Assembly
Phaser 6022 Toner Door
Phaser 6022 Left Side Cover
Phaser 6022 Rear Top Cover
Phaser 6022 Top Front Cover
Phaser 6022 Front Side Cover
Phaser 6022 Jam Cover, Jam Cover Bracket
Phaser 6022 Front Cover
WorkCentre 6025 MFP Cover Removal
WorkCentre 6025 MFP Top Cover Assembly
WorkCentre 6025 MFP Rear Door Assembly
WorkCentre 6025 MFP Rear Cover
WorkCentre 6025 MFP I/L Switch Assembly (with 13)
WorkCentre 6025 MFP Toner Door
WorkCentre 6025 MFP Paper Tray
WorkCentre 6025 MFP Left Side Cover
WorkCentre 6025 MFP Output Tray Extension
WorkCentre 6025 MFP Front Cover
WorkCentre 6027 MFP Cover Removal
WorkCentre 6027 MFP Top Cover
WorkCentre 6027 MFP Rear Door Assembly
WorkCentre 6027 MFP Rear Cover Assembly (with 23)
WorkCentre 6027 MFP I/L Switch Assembly (with 10)
WorkCentre 6027 MFP Toner Door
WorkCentre 6027 MFP Left Side Cover Assembly
WorkCentre 6027 MFP Upper Left Side Cover
WorkCentre 6027 MFP Upper Right Side Cover
WorkCentre 6027 MFP Rear Side Cover
WorkCentre 6027 MFP Right Side Cover
WorkCentre 6027 MFP Lower Front Cover
WorkCentre 6027 MFP Upper Front Cover
Control Panel Removal
Phaser 6022 Control Panel
WorkCentre 6025 MFP Console Assembly Removal
WorkCentre 6027 MFP Console Assembly Removal
IIT Procedures (Scanner and ADF)
WorkCentre 6025 MFP Scanner Assembly
WorkCentre 6027 MFP Scanner Assembly
WorkCentre 6027 MFP ADF Separator Pad Removal/Installation
WorkCentre 6027 MFP ADF Input Tray Assembly Removal
WorkCentre 6027 MFP ADF Assembly
Paper Feeder
Paper Tray Extension (Phaser 6020 and WorkCentre 6025 MFP)
Bypass Tray Cover/Dust Cover (Phaser 6020 and WorkCentre 6025 MFP)
Bias Transfer Roller (BTR) Assembly
Paper Guide (Phaser 6020 and WorkCentre 6025 MFP)
Left and Right Feeder Roller Cam/Feed Roller
Separator Pad, Separator Spring, and Separator Roller
Left/Right Follower, Arm, and Spring
Registration Pinch Roller
Registration Roller
Paper Tray Chute (Phaser 6020 and WorkCentre 6025)
Registration Sensor (Phaser 6020 and WorkCentre 6025)
Registration Clutch
Registration Actuator and Spring (Phaser 6020 and WorkCentre 6025)
Phaser 6022 and WorkCentre 6027 MFP Registration Actuator and No Paper Actuator
Registration Sensor and No Paper Sensor (Phaser 6022 and WorkCentre 6027 MFP)
Xerographics Removal (1.25 hours removal)
Xerographics Disassembly
Toner Dispenser
Idler 34 Gear, Oneway Clutch Assembly, and Idler 23 Gear
LED Cleaner Assembly
Fuser Exit Guide
Main Drive Assembly
Feed Drive Assembly
Developer Drive Assembly
Feed Solenoid
LED Driver Board and Harness
Image Processor Board
Front USB Board (WorkCentre 6025 and 6027 MFP)
Fax Board (WorkCentre 6027 MFP)
Image Processor Harness
MCU Board
AC Inlet Harness

Serial Number Location and Format
Using the Parts List
Print Engine Parts
Phaser 6020
Phaser 6022
WorkCentre 6025 MFP
WorkCentre 6027 MFP
Service Kits and Cables

Service Maintenance Procedures
Recommended Tools
Cleaning the LED Windows
Cleaning the Color Toner Density Sensors
Moving the Printer
Maintenance and Adjustment Procedures
Maintenance Using the Phaser 6020 Xerox Printer Setting Utility Software
Color Registration
Adjusting the Paper Type
Adjusting the Bias Transfer Roller
Adjusting the Fuser
Refreshing the Bias Transfer Roller
Adjusting the Altitude
Checking Page Counts
Maintenance at the Phaser 6022 and WorkCentre 6025 MFP Control Panel
Adjust Paper Type
Adjusting the Bias Transfer Roller
Adjusting the Fuser
Color Registration
Cleaning the Developer
Refreshing the Toner Cartridge
Refreshing the BTR
Initialize NVM
Adjusting Altitude
Maintenance at the WorkCentre 6027 MFP Control Panel
Adjusting for the Paper Type
Adjusting the Bias Transfer Roller
Adjusting the Fuser
Color Registration
Refreshing the Bias Transfer Roller
Adjusting the Altitude
Adjusting the Touchscreen
Initializing Non-Volatile Memory
Clearing Job History
Scanner Adjustment

Printer Plug/Jack Designations
Plug and Jack Locater Coordinates and Diagrams
Wiring Diagrams
Notations Used in the Wiring Diagrams
Phaser 6020 Wiring Diagrams
WorkCentre 6025 MFP Wiring Diagrams
WorkCentre 6027 MFP Wiring Diagrams
WorkCentre 6027 MFP LVPS
WorkCentre 6027 MFP Feeder
A Reference
E, H, & S Incident Report Form
Phaser 6020 Control Panel Indicators
Phaser 6022 Control Panel Menu Map
WorkCentre 6025 MFP Control Panel Menu Map
Status Codes
Xerox Supplies and Accessories
Acronyms and Abbreviations

Phaser6020 Phaser6022 WorkCentre6025 WorkCentre6027 Phaser-6020 Phaser-6022 WorkCentre-6025 WorkCentre-6027 Wc6025 Wc6027 Wc-6025 Wc-6027 work centre6027 centre6025 center mfp